Consignor Information

Consignors can begin signing up 8 weeks before the next sale!

Why Become a Consignor?

◾Earn 70% of your sales.

◾You set the price of your items.

◾Shop the day before we open to the public.

◾Consignor fee is $10, paid at the time of registration (this fee is NON REFUNDABLE).

  • REFER PEOPLE– earn 5% of your total sales, for each person you refer as a consignor. (they must write your name on the waiver sheet at sign in as their reference and they must be an active consignor)

◾We do the advertising and the work.

◾Unsold items are sorted and ready for pick up after the sale on Saturday.  You may also choose to donate your unsold items.

◾To register, email us at or online.

What can I consign?

  • Boy’s sizes 0-20, girl’s sizes 0-16, and junior sizes 1-11 in teen styles. All must be no more than 1-2 years old, clean and odor-free. (ALL MODES OF CLOTHING WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR THE BACK TO SCHOOL SALE)
  • Infant clothing
  • Shoes in excellent condition
  • Baby furniture and equipment
  • Nursery accessories
  • High quality toys, books and video games
  • Sports accessories
  • Maternity clothing -in style and in good condition
  • Nursing tops, bra and other related items.
  • Women’s NAME BRAND clothing.

 For this sale we will be accepting ALL MODES OF CLOTHING. 

Clean equipment– cribs, beds, strollers, high chairs, furniture, toys, sports equipment, bicycles, swings, dolls, movies, books, board games, monitors, puzzles, outside play equipment, etc.  Items must be put together/totally assembled.  Put small pieces in baggies and tape shut.

We accept ALL seasons of Maternity Clothing!

What we don’t accept!

  • Recalled Items. Click here to search for reports and recalls.
  • Out-of-date clothing – It will not sell!
  • Any item that is stained, torn or extremely worn.
  • Items with missing buttons, broken zippers or lost parts.
  • Battery operated toys without batteries.
  • Baby equipment that is not clean or has been recalled.
  • Bags of loose toys unless theme oriented (i.e. bags of all army toys, all McDonald toys, Barbie toys all cars and trucks, etc.)
  • Car seats older than 5 years or that have been in an accident.

Any items that are questionable will not be allowed in the sale.  There will not be exceptions, so if you’re not sure, don’t bring it.

For this sale we are using an online platform. This means all of your items you would like to bring to the sale, will be entered online. Then you will print the tags (or I will offer this service and have pick up days).

To register or to enter your items: click here

Please make sure you select if you would like to donate the item or sell the item for half price.

Attach the tag with a safety pin (no clothes pins) to the upper right front of the garment.  Safety pin together two-piece sets.  For toys and baby equipment, tie or tape tag securely to the item. If attaching to a bag, please tape the tag on the OUTSIDE of the bag.

All clothing must be on a hanger facing left – all hangers are accepted, as long as they fit on a normal sized clothing rack.  Keep in mind the more presentable the item, the more likely it is to sell.

Shoes should be in great shape, placed in a baggie and the tag taped to the outside of the bag.  Tape bag closed or Zip tie shoes together.

Drop off will be Wednesday, August 12th, 5pm to 9pm AND Thursday, August 13th, from 10am-4pm (doors will lock at 4pm to prepare for sale)


♥    Sign a waiver form and pick up your pre-sale passes.

♥     Items will be screened for acceptability and proper tagging.

♥     Please allow at least an hour for drop off.

♥     If you bring your things, but leave before they are checked, then those items will wait until we have time to put them out.  This is often not until Saturday, so your chances of selling your items are greatly reduced.  Please plan your time accordingly.


Pick up Saturday,  at 4:30 pm

◾Items will be sorted by consignor # for quick, easy pick-up.

Items not claimed by 5:30 pm will be donated to a local charity.

◾Please allow 20 minutes for pick-up.

◾Your check will be mailed to you within one week.

◾REMINDER to put your consignor number on every tag, if something is bought and consignor number isn’t on there, that money will be donated.

◾Please note the time to pick up your leftover items – 4:30 PM.  We ask that you please not arrive early, as you will have to wait (it takes quite a bit of time to get items ready to go, so if you arrive early, you’ll have to wait).  Coming right on time will ensure that your items are ready for you to pick up, and you should be able to be in and out quickly.

◾Any item that we find stains on and were not noticed at check-in will be on a table all together. They will not be separated. It will be your responsibility to go through the table if you want them.  Please know that we are trying to make the quality of our sale the best we can. If you sell with us, then you more than likely buy from us, so it will benefit you also.

Consignor checks must be cashed within 60 days of receipt.


Please e-mail Katy @ with any questions.