Volunteer Information

As you have all most likely heard, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the consignment event industry is no longer allowed to use volunteers.

What does this mean for Charli Kate’s Closet?

Well, for the Fall event it won’t really change anything for us.

Why?, you might ask yourself.

Honestly, since we have started our sale, we have not had many volunteers. Mostly my family and a few of my friends have worked with me and helped make this event run smoothly for all of our consignors and shoppers.

Could we see changes in the future?

YES! As our event grows we will continue to lean on volunteers, but currently we don’t exactly know what this will look like for us in the future. Please bear with us as we continue to figure this out. Just know that for now, NOTHING IS CHANGING FOR US OR FOR YOU!


We will continue to update on our website and Facebook page as we navigate through this and figure out what we will need to do or change.